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Hello! I’m Caroline Marsh, 20 years old. Currently in college studying for my Diploma in Business Administration. I found out about Miss Virtual Malaysia 2019 about 2 days ago and i thought to myself that i have to try even if i might not reach the top 10 or even top 40. i hope to make a change by letting my voice be heared on this platform.I’m also a cancer survivor and hope to raise more awareness for cancer not only because i had cancer but because people are fighting everyday just to live and it is very important to raise awareness for this. I also hope to inspire if not many, little people to not give up on their dreams and keep on holding to their passion and hope.There were many people who told me that i cannot make it into a pageant or even a modelling industry due to my height,here i am to prove them wrong.
Because anything is possible 🙂

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